Two Representatives from Beijing

Prof. Wei He
Vice Chairperson of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference
Prof. Bao-yan Liu
Executive Vice President of China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences

Respresentative from Guangdong

Prof. Xin-sheng Yao
Honorary dean of JNU's College of Pharmacy

Respresentative from Hong Kong

Prof. Ping-chung Leung
Director of Centre for Clinical Trials on Chinese Medicine,
Institute of Chinese Medicine
The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Two Representatives from Taiwan

Prof. Ning-sun Yang
Distinguished Research Fellow and Professor
Agricultural Biotechnology Research Center
Dr. Kenneth Wu
Honorary Investigator
Institute of Cellular and Systems Medicine

Representative from U.K.

Prof. Ian A. Sutherland
Emeritus Professor, Brunel University London

Representative from Canada

Prof. Michael Rieder
Head of the Division of Paediatric Clinical Pharmacology,
The University of Western Ontario

Representative from U.S.A.

Prof. Edward Chu
Professor of Pharmacology&Chemical Biology
University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine

Representative from Korea

Prof. Yeong Shik Kim
Professor, College of Pharmacy, Seoul National University